Who can sign up and what are the requirements to become a partner?

Anyone with a dream to grow & prosper, with determination to make it big, with passion and zeal to become successful and with promptness to put in the effort required can sign up and can become successful in the Partner Program. All we need is dedication towards the business, team spirit to work with us and belief in the platform BuildaBazaar. Anyone with more than 18 years of age and with educational qualification equivalent to HSC can become partner.

What are the growth prospects of the Partner Program?

With the rising demand for online shopping, amid the ongoing internet revolution, almost every small, medium and large sized business in India wants to come online. With such future prospects, BuildaBazaar SaaS (Software as a Service) model appears sustainable and scalable from both short and long term perspective and offering a robust growth trajectory to our associates.

Why should one choose BuildaBazaar?

BuildaBazaar provides a state of the art self-service e-commerce platform (the largest in the country with more than 15,000 live store implementations) and hosts a large number of the best designed online stores of the country (As per a market research, ~50 of the top 350 Indian e-commerce sites are powered by BuildaBazaar platform). Besides, it provides regular trainings and upgrades, and customer oriented services, wherein the prices and plans are designed as per the needs of customers. BuildaBazaar provides the best-in-class platform features, some worth mentioning like:

    • E-commerce Analytics & Database Support
    • Product Catalog Management
    • Website Hosting with complete webstore and Shopping cart functionality
    • Order management
    • Shipment Management
    • Marketing and Promotion Tools for E-commerce
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing
    • E-Commerce financial management
    • Social network integration
    • Global E-commerce solution
    • Payment Gateway Integration & Checkout Process
    • Customer Service & Database Management
    • Store customization with personalized look and feel

How would the PARTNER earn revenue and gain profits?

BuildaBazaar has designed various store setup plans and customization packages which fulfill the need of most merchant segments. This enables the partners to reach out to their clients, offer more & sell easily; giving the partners the variety to pitch to the clients at their end. Discounts, festival offers, and other schemes make the partners earn more with BuildaBazaar.

What are the advantages of this partner program?

Key advantages for partners are:

    • A business opportunity to earn significant amount of money and grow tremendously as an e-commerce service provider with the best service offerings in the market
    • Saving upfront costs of acquiring technological infrastructure & human resource for setting up and running a business
    • Association with one of the most promising e-commerce companies in the country
    • Training and support provision by BuildaBazaar

How do I get started?

    • Fill your details on the sign-up page here - http://www.buildabazaar.com/partner/sign-up
    • After sign-up, a Partner Program Presentation is sent to the applicant’s email id and applicant would be soon contacted by our partner program executive
    • The applicant can go through the presentation and FAQs
    • Interested applicants can download Partner Information Docket (PID) from here
    • We say, if you have made your mind, you have already started

Whom should the partner contact in case of any queries?

You can contact the Partner support at 079-49004848 or write to us at partner@BuildaBazaar.com

Can partners use email blast to promote the business?

Yes. BuildaBazaar generally approve mailing campaigns, so long as the recipient is already a customer or subscriber of your services, and can unsubscribe from future mailings. Please note that the emails need to be reviewed by us before being sent out.

Are there any taxes to be paid under the BuildaBazaar Partner Program?

Yes. Both the Partner and BuildaBazaar have to pay their own service tax from their respective share of revenue.

What are the kinds of businesses partner can approach?

Partner can approach small or medium enterprises, entrepreneurs or anyone who has the desire to sell products or services online. Partner can also approach large corporate who want to enter the e-commerce space.

What industry segments can partner approach and sell into?

Partner can reach out to merchants and businesses across several categories. Some of the worth mentioning are:- Apparels (Men, Women, Kids, Bridal wear),Fashion Accessories, Mobile Phones & Accessories, Lifestyle (Footwear, Watches, Personal care and Beauty Products), Jewelry Stores, Book Store, Electronics Items, Car & Bike Accessories, Toys & Games store, Office supplies, Kitchenware, Foods (Restaurants, Bakery, Chocolates & Vegetable stores ), Home Décor & Furniture, Handicrafts, Gifts and Flower Shop, Fitness Machines and devices, Optical store, Sports Goods, Security systems, Computer Hardware and Software, IT Products, BuildaBazaar Care, Healthcare Services and Products, Music & Entertainment (Posters, Movies, Events), Financial Services, Education Services, Event Management, Fashion Consulting, Non-Profit, Travel, Miscellaneous hardware equipments.

However there are products and services that are forbidden to be sold online as per industry regulations. Partners are expected not to approach them. Please contact our Partner Program Helpline for more details on it.

Will the partner get training?

Yes. Systematic & professional trainings will be arranged at our end for you to perform better and excel in the e-commerce industry. The trainings shall be arranged at our offices in both in-person and through webinars. Training sessions will be on sales, lead generation, discipline & time management, process, technology, decision making, offering services accurately to the client, PR & digital media. Also you would be provided with a ‘Training Manual’ to understand e-commerce industry, development of a web store at our end and other things concerned. Regular training on effective team handling, time management and sales would also be provided to partners.

Will there be any knowledge repository/resource which partner can access and thereon hone skills and be up to date with latest developments?

Yes. BuildaBazaar will have a system wherein you will be able to access our entire knowledge resource. Updated documents, literature, proposals etc. will also be shared with Partners.

Does a partner need to be certified?

Yes. Partner will be given a joining certificate which has to be mandatorily displayed in partner’s office. This will authenticate the partner as our proud partner.

How does the partner register potential leads generated at his end?

Partners would be given access to a lead form wherein partner can enlist prospects for his business. We would also train partners to generate new leads and successfully close existing ones.

What types of skills are essential to succeed as a BuildaBazaar Partner?

Skills which we think would give partners an edge are:

    • Passion to make money
    • Knowledge about Information Technology and E-Commerce Industry
    • Basic knowledge about computers and internet
    • Good communication and relationship management skills
    • Dedication and seriousness towards the business
    • Strong belief in BuildaBazaar and yourself

Can partner get exclusive rights for a particular territory or region?

No. There are no territorial rights given. Partner can sell the service offering to anyone-anywhere. BuildaBazaar doesn’t want the partners to be restricted area/region wise. Most importantly, we believe that a healthy competition is always a good source of motivation to grow and to bring innovation in the business.

Will there be any targets for the partners?

Yes. We have monthly and quarterly targets for partner as we think a well-structured target oriented growth plan brings consistency in the development process.

Will the partner be getting any help to accomplish the targets?

Yes. We are there to help the partner in every possible way. We would be training the partner methodically and would provide the partner with leads to proceed further. The targets would be achieved jointly by partner’s efforts and our support.

Can partner work with a regular job?

Yes. If one can manage the partnership deliverables and job effectively, it would not be an issue. But we would suggest partners to dedicate maximum possible time on the Partnership Program as there is a huge scope of growth and development.

can the partner work himself or does the partner need to have employees?

To start with, the partner can start alone. Over time based on the need and business one could employ more people as need be.

from Where will the partner get leads?

BuildaBazaar has a planned advertising model to help partners reach the target audience. However, generating leads from your own social circle and your business networks is also strongly recommended. More the leads, more the conversions, more will be your profits.


One can start by telling about the BuildaBazaar platform and the growth opportunity it can provide. We would train Partners on how to approach the prospects in a more professional way as soon as they join the Partner program.

Are there any testimonials to help the partnerin pitching to the prospective clients?

Yes. BuildaBazaar is enabling thousands of retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) all across India to venture into the e-commerce industry and contribute significantly to the growing Indian e-commerce potential. BuildaBazaar, owing to its quality and robust e-commerce services, has gained trust of some of the largest Indian retailers like Airtel, Crossword, The Mobile Store, Vijaysales, Bombay Dyeing, VIP Bags, TVC Skyshop etc. & has received appreciation from many other customers and continues to do so.

How much will the partner earn?

It completely depends on the amount of efforts and time; the partner invests as there is sound potential for everyone to earn a very handsome amount of money through this opportunity. We say, as a Partner, sky is the limit to the earning potential.

When will the partner achieve breakeven?

As per BuildaBazaar’s estimates for partner’s revenue projections, under a normal scenario, break even can be achieved in 2-3 months from start. It’s a one of its kind business model that enables the partners to achieve break-even in just a matter of few months.

Does the partner need to travel?

If partner wishes to, he/she can travel for client engagement. Partner might also have to travel for training purpose. More information would be provided by our Partner Program Executive.

What services can the partner sell?

Partner can sell the Silver Plan, the Gold Plan, and the Platinum Plan that BuildaBazaar offers to the customers. Partner can also sell different services and add-ons features offered by BuildaBazaar. Partner’s revenue share on them would be based as per the agreement.

Is there a cost to become a partner?

Yes. There is a one-time non-refundable Partnership fee of Rs. 100,000 to be paid to become a BuildaBazaar Partner.

can the partner participate if he/she doesn’t live in India?

Yes. One can manage being a Partner from abroad also.

If a client signs up for a trial account and upgrades, will the partner be paid for the upgraded plan?

Yes, the partner would be paid only when a client pays and the sale/lead is closed. Partner doesn’t get any commission on trial accounts.

Will there be more features coming in the partner system?

Partner would be duly intimated in time for any such up gradations. We would be surely bringing changes to make the partnership more fruitful for both entities.

What are the targets for a BuildaBazaar partner?

The BuildaBazaar Partner would be given half-yearly targets of minimum of Rs. 500,000/-. In case the targets are not achieved the partnership is liable to be severed.
The targets may be reviewed and revised on an annual basis.

Are there any incentives for the partner for over-achieving targets?

No, as of now there are no additional incentives on overachieving targets. The same may be reviewed and instituted over time.

Can the same city have more than one partner? If yes, then how do I compete in the marketplace with more than one partner?

Yes. There is no limit as of today on the number of partners in a city. We believe that the scope of e-commerce and web is unlimited and is not limited to a particular geography. Also clients value relationship and the value of service. They would stick with partners who provide great experience and overall support. Also by restricting your territory we would be doing injustice to the vast potential of e-commerce and its scope.

Does BuildaBazaar provide any marketing support to partners?

Yes, BuildaBazaar would provide the following marketing support to partners:

BuildaBazaar would share 50% of any above the line media activity performed by the Partner in his/her local territory, terms and conditions apply.

BuildaBazaar would provide posters, banners and other marketing material as requested from time to time to the Partner.

BuildaBazaar would also share designs of poster, banners and other marketing material on the website for use by the preferred partner.