How to avail the offer?

Step 1Sign up for a store on

Step 2Send an email to with subject line as Shipdroid OOO offer

Step 3Please mention your pickup address and category of products 

Step 4Please mention from when would you like to avail the services

Step 5Start shipping.. :)

Terms and Conditions

1. Offer only available for sites with .OOO domain with BuildaBazaar stores from one of the paid pricing plans

2. The offer includes 1 NON COD shipment per day for 30 days from start excluding holidays and Sundays to anywhere in India (where Shipdroid has coverage)

3. In case of no shipments on a particular day, the same would not be compensated post expiry of 30 days

4. In case of more than 1 shipment on any particular day, the customer would have to pay for the excess shipments at the Shipdroid standard commercials

5. Shipdroid reserves the right to take a Shipment advance and management fee against shipping services rendered

6. Shipdroid .OOO offer is limited to customers in India 

7. Shipdroid has a limited converge of delivery in India and shipments would be picked up if they are in the delivery coverage list. The same can be requested from the BuildaBazaar or Shipdroid team

8. Other terms and conditions apply