BuildaBazaar was launched by Infibeam in 2011. It is a SaaS based eCommerce platform designed to give wings to the dreams of those who want to create and expand their business venture to sell online. With over hundred of responsive website themes, BuildaBazaar aims to provide a complete eCommerce solution to entrepreneurs by providing them with highly customizable and easy to use eCommerce platform to create their own website in no time.

Sell Online

Selling online has never been easy before but now with our ecommerce platform it becomes an easiest. BuildaBazaar is a robust and powerful platform, perfect for any entrepreneur to get their online store started. Without being concerned about understanding the technical aspects of the webstore, having every social media integration available, and smooth payment gateway integration, you can rest assured to have found the best SAAS vendor for your business.

Also, the BuildaBazaar platform has a very user-friendly back-end panel to operate from, a vast number of different themes to choose from, and wide variety of customization tools available to you, you can now get your own online store built from scratch, and get it designed just the way you want to.

Technical Know-How Not Needed To Sell Online In India, Or Across The Globe

With BuildaBazaar you need to worry about installing and maintaining the software. BuildaBazaar, as your SaaS partner takes care about every technical aspect. Right from the installation to updating and upgrading the system regularly, we make sure that all the technical aspects of your webstore get handled from our side, leaving you completely stress-free.

Affordable to Create Your Website

BuildaBazaar is well known for its affordability. Renting the software from BuildaBazaar would effectively mean that you don’t have to spend money on buying the license for the software, or investing in the installation and maintenance of the software, or even hiring professionals to take care of your online store. At a reasonable monthly rent, you’ll be able to build your e-store and get it customized the way you wish to.

Payment Gateway Integration

Buildabazaar supports multiple payment gateway integration. With a seamless integration of the leading domestic and international payment gateways, along with a cash on delivery option readily available too, BuildaBazaar is able to provide a flawless service to both its clients, as well as make sure that their clients can provide a smooth experience to their customers.

Mobile Responsive

With the ongoing increase in the number of smartphone users, the mCommerce industry is on the boom. To take advantage of this very situation, BuildaBazaar brings you over hundred mobile responsive website themes to create your online store. With it’s mobile responsive themes, irrespective of the mobile device you use, compatible with different screen sizes, as well as category-specific themes at your service, you will find BuildaBazaar to be the perfect partner to help you reach a wider customer base and make your dream store a reality and a success.