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Buildbazaar is introducing a number of useful inventory management apps that will help to keep a track on the records and inventories.

We are presenting apps such as plumslice which is one amongst very helpful eCommerce management software. PlumSlice PIM (Product Information Management) assures uniformity of the information between all the departments. It provides pre-commerce solutions, centralises the product details in order to avoid duplication, maintains data consistency, eliminates soiled information and much more.

Unicommerce is yet another useful stock management app, it enables the users to sell more with less inventories, it keeps on a check on stock availability and make sure it meet the demands. It is basically an order management app which regulates dispatch time, scale up with while keeping the low cost.

Inventory management is a very basic and must required step for a sucessfull business and it's regular maintenance is very crucial. So meet the demands, Builbazaar makes sure to provide the best services and one stop solution through the most relevant inventory management apps all at one place.