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Visitor Engage


VisitorEngage is a SaaS platform that allows you to run proactive push notifications (bar, box or popup messages with CTA or subscription fields) based on the visitor's behavior on your online store. You can target personalized custom notifications based on what a visitor does or doesn't on your store. VisitorEngage also lets you add a contact button with a customizable form for your customers or your online store visitors to contact your directly with any queries.


  • A feedback/contact button on your store.
  • Top bar or box notifications with CTA buttons
  • Subscription bars or modal popup windows.
  • Leave intent targeting (Target visitors about to leave your store)
  • Advanced visitor targeting options with personalized notifications
  • Reveal coupon codes upon submission of email or mobile numbers
  • Mobile ready. Indepth Analytics.
  • Custom themes, HTML & CSS support.
  • Price $0 - $49/month
  • Developer VisitorEngage


Steps to Integrate