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With the free AddShoppers social analytics layer, you'll have access to SKU-level social insights and social commerce apps that increase sharing, track ROI, and more. Our advanced social analytics system will reveal deep insights into the ROI of social sharing, identify your biggest influencers, and report down to the product level. Our sharing buttons allow you to identify Influencers and reward sharing with coupons, which increases shares and encourages shoppers to not abandon your site to search for a coupon code. Install AddShoppers now to access powerful social insights, increase your sharing, and decrease your shopping cart abandonment!


  • Free social analytics and social commerce apps
  • Facebook "Want" and "Own" buttons.
  • Simple 5-minute installation.
  • Actionable social analytics at the SKU level.
  • Identify your biggest influencers.
  • Won't slow down your website
  • API access.
  • Price From Free
  • Devloper

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