Please carefully enter the details of your bank account where you want Buildabazaar to deposit the settlement. Buildabazaar would not be responsible for any wrong remittance made due to incomplete or incorrect information provided by you.

A Google documents form named Merchant account details will open in a new tab. Enter your account details in the form with the help of instructions provided below:
(*)  means that particular detail is mandatory to be filled else you will not be able to submit the form

Buildabazaar Store Name
Enter the name of your Buildabazaar store. For eg:
Your email id
Enter your email ID that you used to create the store. Eg: or
Account Holder’s Name
Enter your name as mentioned in your bank account records
Account number
Enter the account number where you want Buildabazaar to deposit your money
Enter the IFSC code of the bank branch that holds your account.
If you don’t know the IFSC code, visit to get the same for your bank branch. However, we recommend that you confirm this code with your bank branch once. Buildabazaar doesn’t take any responsibility and is not liable for any damage caused through use of this site, this is just for a quick help.
Bank Name
Enter the name of the bank in which your account is operating.
Branch Location (City)
Enter the name of the city where the bank branch holding your account is located.