The Html widget provides a 'What You See Is What You Get' editor. This means that you can create content using Html widget tools and the content is displayed on the online store exactly as it appears in the preview box of Html widget.

The Html widget can be used to display product information, promotions, company information, and basically any kind of text that can be presented on the webstore page.

The following procedure explains the steps to add an Html Widget:
For example: To create two sections under company information namely Services and Careers:

      1. Log in to administrator mode and click the spanner symbol. The options to manage widgets appear.

      2. As displayed in the above image click on "Insert a Row in this slot" to create column in the section (i.e. Left side bar, content & right side bar) you want to add a widget.
      3. After adding a row you can further create multiple columns in a particular row as shown in the below image.

      4. After adding the column click on "Add a widget in this column" to add HTML widget. If you do not want to add columns then you can directly click on "Add a widget in this column" to add HTML widget in the row.

      5. Once you click on the "Add a widget in this column" you will see a dialogue box similar to one shown below from where you can select the widget of your choice.

      6. Click Add a Html Widget. The Html Widget dialog box opens.

        The below dialog box provides options to make changes in the text such as:

          • Text alignment
          • Font style
          • Numbering
          • Indentation
          • Text editing options
          • Insert links and images
          • Unlink a URL

      7. Type the relevant text or make suitable changes and click Save.A message, 'successfully saved' appears. The text entered and modified here will be displayed in the same way under the corresponding page.
      8. Close the Html dialog box. The web page reloads and the created widget is visible. The widget created is displayed on the webstore. You have the options to edit, delete or enable the Html widget. To enable an Html widget:
          • Once the page reloads take your cursor to the HTML widget so that u can see the editor. Click on the settings icon which is line of html widget where you can see the option of enable this widget. Click on enable this widget.

        Note: Unless you enable the Html widget, the widget will not be visible to the customer.

      9. If you want to edit an already added HTML widget then click on the Pen icon right beside the settings icon. This will allow you to edit the already added HTML widget.

      10. If you want to delete an already added HTML widget then click on the settings icon which is in line of the banner widget where you can see the option of delete this widget. Click on "delete this widget".